Daffodil Month

Related imageIt is April meaning that it is also Daffodil Month. What is Daffodil Month you may be asking? It’s a month of awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society. Not only is this about getting donations, which go towards helping people living with cancer and funding research, but it’s also about raising awareness.

You may be wondering, why a daffodil? Well, you see the daffodil represents one of the Canadian Cancer Society’s campaigns. With the daffodil pins, which you can get from various locations through a donation, the daffodil has become a symbol of strength and courage in the battle to fight cancer. Personally, I have volunteered for years and have helped with numerous events to get donations and raise public awareness. You can do the same by going on online and finding a way to help in your community. Always remember every small bit helps, so do what you can to help.

Let’s use this month as a community to learn more about cancer awareness and prevention as well as do more to help to learn out more and one day finds a cure. Show your support by wearing a daffodil and join the fight.

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