Truth be told I am a total romantic, in the sense of being interested in romance; not very confident that I could pull off a romantic gesture, I’m not even sure if I would react well to one, but still. It’s just those romantic moments are like realities version of magic. I should better explain, but I don’t really know exactly how to. I guess it’s just the whole thing of love that seems magical to me, like the emotions and the trust and just those moments were someone bares their soul essential just to share how they feel with someone. What’s more beautiful and magical than that?

Yeah, there isn’t some spectacle that gets created at its core but there is so much more to it than that. Just being able to find that connection with someone and share those feelings it makes you believe in things like true love and with that I think comes the ideas of fate and cosmic destiny, I mean I am being a bit dramatic right now and I’m pretty sure that’s going to continue but still I can’t help it. I just started to realize how much I love it all, love and romance and started to embrace and dissect the concepts and yeah now I’m here.


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