The most comfortable place to be if it didn’t start chipping at your conscience. Emotionally the world may even be an easier place for some of us if we could live in denial. Be it the denial of pain and wrongdoing maybe even in the bigger sense denial of suffering and destruction in the world. It would be easier but it would also lead to bigger evils. But at the same time maybe those bigger evils already exist in most of us but we just choose to deny it because it makes life easier for us. I’m not just talking personal denial of emotions or circumstance even though those can lead to some of their own kinds of wrongs. No, I’m talking the denial of the state of our world, which I think we mostly deny because the solutions just seem so hard to figure out. We have facts and sometimes we even have an emotional connection but a lot of the time denying the truth just seems easier. Even if it bothers us and we try to help in the moment eventually we as a society choose to forget; in a way, we deny that the existence of long-term consequences.

I guess the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t be able to stay in denial forever and that would be a good thing. Usually, denial will just hold us back or simply make things worse and no one wants that. The reality is though that we are turning into a society with a short term memory which makes denying the hard things so much easier.

via Daily Prompt: Denial


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