When I saw this prompt I thought three things, ‘jolt of energy,’ ‘jolt of electricity,’ and ‘lightning bolt.’ Yeah, the last one is the main reason I figured I should look it up, so I did. What I got from the “New Oxford American Dictionary” was:

  1. verb [with object] push or shake (someone or something) abruptly and roughly: a surge in the crowd behind him jolted him forward.
  2. noun an abrupt rough or violent movement.

Basically what I understood is that it’s an equivalent to ‘push,’ I’m not 100% whether or not I knew that. Now though I am left with the question, what is ‘jolt’ to me, in the sense of a blog prompt and honestly I’m getting nothing, or at least I was.

I soon realized the irony that can be seen in this prompt. See I think of these prompts as a way to push, or I guess now I should be saying jolt, for different blog posts, at least they are for me. And yeah, learned a little something new that made things a little more fun.

via Daily Prompt: Jolt


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