Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Today is a day to not only celebrate our beautiful, wonderful planet but also to encourage us to become educated about Earth. It can be recognized as a movement for raising about the environment and the issues that it faces. The environment is being destroyed, and we as a global community need to work together to fix it. We need to maintain our quality of air and water and other natural resources that humanity has not only grossly overused but also neglected. Let’s use this Earth Day as our beginning in helping improvement the environment and save our planet.

Personally, I have decided to use Earth Day as a way to make a resolution on how I am going to do my part in helping our planet. I still suck at the small things so I’ve decided to be more realistic and pick some everyday things that I can do to help. This year I have chosen:

  1. Use reusable shopping bags, beyond groceries
  2. Keep a water bottle on hand (no more plastic bottles)
  3. Find a way to plant a tree
  4. Buy more local
  5. Recycle more than just paper and bottles

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