Woman Crush Wednesday

Image result for lois laneLois Lane – Possibly the greatest reporter in the world, consistently the first on the scene, if not right the in middle, of one crisis to the next. She is willing to do anything to get to the truth and get her story. At least that is how DC comics describes her and I agree.

Yes, she is Superman’s love interest, the pair being one of personal favorite love stories, but first and foremost, Lois Lane is a self-made badass. Right from the beginning, when she was introduced in the pre-feminist times of the 50’s, Lois Lane has been ahead of her times as a strong working woman. She faces challenges and never gives, and that is probably what lands her into unthinkably dangerous situations but something to admire as brave. She stands up for what she believes in, the truth, and she fights to be heard and to be seen as an equal.

But it’s not only her strength that is worth looking up to, there is also the layer of love and compassion. She is the only woman meant for Superman because she’s always stood by his side, not behind him or trying to control him but rather as his partner. She’s madly in love and sometimes that’s the scariest thing of all. She portrays admirable qualities of love, between loyalty and trust and even vulnerability. Her love for the Man of Steel slash bubbling reporter, Clark Kent, always comes off as pure.

Lois Lane is an embodiment of having it all; she is her own woman driven by her career but she has a romantic side and isn’t ashamed of being saved, probably because she does a little of her own saving from time to time too. She is a female character that has always been portrayed as a human girl who is ambitious, strong, loyal and smart, and that’s what makes her so amazing, a girls role model of sorts. I know for me personally there are a lot of things about Lois Lane that I wish to aspire to.

Image result for Lois Lane


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