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Smallville – The story of a young Clark Kent, before he becomes the great hero Superman. Between trying to live a typical teenage life in Smallville, Kansas, and learning to control his powers, Clark tries to find his place in the world while also trying to accept his alien heritage. Dealing with friends, love, and the strange phenomena that fill Smallville, Clark learns who he is and accepts who is to become.

This is my absolute, all-time favorite show; I’ve watched all 10 seasons like 5 times and favorite episodes and seasons who knows how many more times. Really, Smallville is my go-to show to watch I guess when I really need a pick me up. I can’t call it some turning point in TV history or that the stories have the most unbelievable plots ever, but that’s not what it is. Just watching the journey of all the characters going from being these confused kids into growing into confident people who do extraordinary things. See Clark go from bubbling teenager to Superman or his best friend Chloe going from invisible to invaluable. It’s the journey of a superhero and the people in his life, just watching it there are always these moments that just fill you with hope and you can’t help but smile.

There is so much more to this show than the origin of Superman. Smallville has great stories, amazing characters and just so many different levels to it that just gets me, and other people, totally hooked. If you haven’t seen it seen or finished giving it a chance I think it’s worth a look, maybe you’ll get that warm feeling too.


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