A couple years ago in an attempt of self-discovery and stuff like that, I learned to knit. I have to admit that I actually really enjoy, despite the teasing from my friends about being an old lady. Truth be told I’m okay with it though, I mean half the time I consider myself either a total child or an old lady. Anyways, back to the knitting, like I was saying I really enjoyed it plus it ended up being good for me because I have this reoccurring wrist pain that the doctor diagnosed as tendinitis. If you’re wondering how knitting helps well it’s pretty simple, the movements work like exercises meant to loosen up your wrist; it’s a good thing to use different motions, especially for people like me who write and type a lot. Evidently, I get very distracted while talking about yarn, which is sort of weird but I’m okay with that. My original idea was to mention how I learned to knit a couple years ago and still kind of suck. To be honest, I get distracted pretty easily while working on a project, which is why I have been sticking to scarves but I have learned some different stitches and most of my projects have turned out good so guess it’s worth it. Even though it’s not my top hobby I have to admit that I enjoy knitting, it can be pretty relaxing.

via Daily Prompt: Yarn


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