I’m not totally sure what I love more, pillows or blankets. Seriously the amount I love looking at and being tempted to by both is shameful or maybe even a problem. But know that I think about it I own a lot of blankets too; throws, quilts, you name it and I have it which is weird considering I live in a small apartment with hardly and storage space to begin with. But it is just so tempting, they are so soft and functional; blankets are just my favorite thing I mean yeah I sleep with three pillows and three blankets but the blankets are irreplaceable like I can’t sleep with less than three. And even with most pillow situations, I can substitute it for a blanket but my blankets cannot be replaced. Okay so maybe figuring that out wasn’t as hard as I originally presumed. I really do love blankets; no matter the weather, no matter the season, no matter what, I love me some blankets.

via Daily Prompt: Blanket


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