I really thought hard about what I want this picture to be. I mean I could go with literal or figurative; either way I want it to be more than it seems. That didn’t happen exactly as I thought it would though, but it still worked out. Instead, I decided with going for a quite obvious danger with an end message. Honestly, I see multiple dangers in this, mainly the fact that it is a busy intersection, even if it has a stop light, at night and it is raining. Clearly not an ideal driving situation but when you live on Vancouver Island it can be hard to avoid. Now the biggy that may not be so obvious, the danger of drivers who talk and text while driving. Not only is that putting yourself in danger but you are also angering others, drivers, passengers, pedestrians, you name it. The message, it’s actually pretty easy; do not text and drive for any reason.

via Photo Challenge: Danger!


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