Confession, I find it kind of find saying ‘naked’ aloud, in the context of well being naked, kind of awkward. And I might seem confident about it right now because well I’m writing about it but the reality is that I use a softer voice everytime I’m saying ‘naked.’ I really don’t know why I mean being naked isn’t something that should be shameful. We are all born naked, and when we bathe we’re naked, heck under our clothes we’re all naked; so why does it feel awkward to say or talk about. Maybe it’s the vulnerability that I associate with being naked or maybe society is just too censored when it comes to talking about sex and being naked and all that stuff or maybe I’m just a super prude, who is still a little awkward when it comes to the whole intimacy. Either way, I can’t help it right now, but someday that will change, probably.


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