Did I miss the notice about this being Insult Week? Seriously though, this week I felt so self-conscious because it felt like person after person had something to insult. From my brain to my body even my behavior and my appearance, everything felt like it got jabbed at. I’m the first person to know how I’m not perfect but when you hear continuously about your flaws it really starts to bother. And then there’s the notion that adding “I’m only saying it because I care” makes it better like seriously that fact doesn’t do anything for my self-esteem. Like if you find it necessary to list out my flaws than I’m fine with that but would it hurt to add a compliant at some point, I would even accept something as generic as “you’re a good person.”

All that said now you know how it feels when all you do is list a bunch of flaws with an “I care.” It doesn’t help the bruised ego or the self-conscious feeling you get; a small compliment at some point though actually makes the “I care” statement believable, it makes it clearer that you aren’t trying to push someone down, at least I feel that way.



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