Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! The day to celebrate some of the most important women in our individual lives. Not only did they birth us but they’ve always been by our sides to support us. A mom is your first and loudest supporter and guaranteed confidence booster; she’s the one you want when you’re sick or just having a bad day; she’s the one you can always count because she’ll thrive to be whatever you need, be it a chef, storyteller, lawyer, therapist, you name it. Eventually, you realize she’s become like your best friend but no matter what she’s always been there, as a safe haven.

Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating our moms but it’s about recognizing the women in our lives that have always been there for us. For me today is about celebrating the two women who have had the greatest influence in my life; my amazing mom and my incredible aunt.

First shout out to my mom, the incredible woman who raised me to be who I am today. She is flawed and dependent on others but she is also one of the strongest people I know. Despite periods of unemployment and having basically nothing she never showed it, she worked to make sure that I wouldn’t live any differently, to ensure that my life stayed good. And she continues to do that and more for me today, every day. She’s a mom in the most basic of ways, where all she has ever wanted was for me to have the best that life can give. Even when life tried to push her down and succeed in leaving her with nothing she never let it show and protected me from it all, almost like a superhero.  I really don’t know what I would do without her, she’s a valuable and irreplaceable person in my life. She’s the best mom I could ask for and I love her for that and so much more.

As for my aunt, she gave me a role model to aspire to and has a work ethic that I can only describe as goals. Beyond being one of the kindest people I know she is successful and has proven herself to be resilient. No matter what life has thrown at her or how it tried to tear her down she’s always pulled herself up and put herself back on top, all the while providing the best for her family. Honestly, I think she has been my role model since I was a little kid because she always was this superb person I witnessed in my life; she is my example of having it all. She is a good parent but what makes her amazing is that she’s a hard-working, career woman. As I got older I started to realize truly how much she’s accomplished, and that I really admire her. Her strength is what makes her a role model, who she is on a daily is why I consider her my favorite aunt.

To my mom and my aunt, I wish you both the most beautiful Mother’s Day, which I will ensure you both use as an excuse to relax for a day because you deserve it and so much more. As for all the other mother’s out there, you deserve the same, today is the day you get to be celebrated. And remember, we may not always show it but we cherish you every day.


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