Picture of the Day

Some mums I got on the day we celebrate our moms. Once again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing woman in our lives who have fought throw thick and thin for their children and never asked for anything in return; our real life superheroes. I’ve always loved Mother’s Day, mainly because it was always a guaranteed mother-daughter day. We never did anything extravagant but that was okay because all I really wanted was to spend time with my mom. It always started with my attempt at breakfast in bed, followed by my favorite Sikh temple program and then for the afternoon, evening time it always varied. We did things from going to a walk at the beach to a family dinner with my cousins to going out for a movie to baking cookies together to just lounging around at home watching Mother’s Day specials, my favorite was always the Kim Possible Mother’s Day episode. Whatever it was we did I just really loved getting spend the with my mom. I didn’t get many full days with mom growing up so even though it may not be that common for a child, I might go as far as saying Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays; third to be exact, right after Christmas and Diwali.


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