It feels like society, particularly western society because that’s the one I live in, has become too obsessed with being timely. Don’t get me wrong I am totally fixated on being on time, but not about every little thing always. It just feels like it has become less important to enjoy thing and live your life that it is to do things in a timely fashion. I’m not going to lie, I want to have a career and be married and have kids and all that by a certain time, I can even imagine how scheduled I’ll attempt to keep my wedding. But at the same time, I’m only 22 and yet still feel like the clock is ticking, like the fact that I’m not even at the prospect of being an engaged, career woman as an issue. I mean yeah I want to feel secure about my life by 30 but I shouldn’t feel like time is running out just because I haven’t gotten to the period I thought I would be at when I was like 10.

Sometimes it feels like the problem is that in a society sense I feel like we are more focused on being on time than the actual task at hand. It’s like in the grand sense, in terms of biology, we are living longer so shouldn’t that mean that we should have more time. Could it be possible that living longer is the reason that we have less of actual lives. We weren’t created to live this way and this wasn’t the goal when we were making all the advancements throughout history. I mean didn’t our ancestors just thrive to live longer better lives. It wasn’t the intention for us to have 18 years of enjoyment before losing our innocents and hope, then one day being 70 and lying around taking pills to bide our time. The fact is that the scheduled life we all live usually ends up being the life we regret. Yes time is important but it shouldn’t be what is most important, it shouldn’t be prioritized over actually living your life.

via Daily Prompt: Timely


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