I’ve always browsed past the flowers when I went to the grocery story but lately, it’s been a bit more intense than usual. It’s like every couple of weeks I would buy myself a new bouquet to the point where I decided to just buy myself a potted plant. Now the problem is that well I’m still tempted to buy bouquets. And I mean as much as it’s about how pretty they are and how nice they smell, which they do for both, it’s just kind of feels nice buying flowers for myself, kind of special. The weirdest thing is that I use to kind of be against the whole buying flowers to show your love and appreciation because well at the time it seemed like a waste but lately I kind of get it more. I have received flowers or anything like that recently I just really love getting them for myself. There just these bright and beautiful things that make life seem a little more colourful. Also if you hadn’t realised this is totally random; I feel like normally the stuff I share gets pretty heavy or dark so I just wanted to put something post something more lighthearted and flowers were my answer.


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