I tried to think of something write about for spike but I can’t think of anything. I mean a spike is literally a pointy stick, at least that’s what I think. Then again in the “New Oxford American Dictionary” the definition is:

  1. noun a thin, pointed piece of metal, wood, or another rigid material.
    • a large stout nail, especially one used to fasten a rail to a railroad tie.
    • informal a hypodermic needle.
  2. a sharp increase in the magnitude or concentration of something: the oil price spike.
    • Electronics a pulse of very short duration in which a rapid increase in voltage is followed by a rapid decrease.

Overall I am getting the sense of pointy. Usually, this is the point where I start to think of something to write but I really can’t. You’d think considering how common a spike is it would be easy. I mean there’s spikes in the sense of a physical object being point, and in the sense of a spike in a quantitative measurement. But still, I’m at a blank; maybe I’ll have something next time.

via Daily Prompt: Spike


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