When I think hospitality I think of well the hosts. I feel like usually when we hear hospitality the mind goes to well hotel service and stuff like that but that’s not all it’s about; hospitality can describe any host really from dinners to sleepovers to drop-bys. From experience, I feel like I have had what I would consider some amazing hosts to some not so amazing ones. The thing that differentiates the two for isn’t about how much they give and what they do, it’s always been about how I felt while I was there. Honestly what I think is a sign of the best sort of hospitality is just being happy to have your guests. Beyond how much luxury someone tries to push your way that isn’t what resonates in the long run, it’s how they made you feel. Personally, the people that make me feel welcomed and interact with you with interest in your presence in their home, or event or whatever they are hosting, are the people that I consider the best hosts. Those are the people that I want to visit again and that’s the kind of hospitality I want to give.

via Daily Prompt: Hospitality


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