This prompt is kind of interesting. Usually, when it comes to prompts I just babble on about something related to it but this one, well there are so many ways I could go with this. See the reason that this is so interesting to me is because of my family. I was talking to my mom recently about how much of a pushover she is and how easily she was manipulated by others, especially when I was a kid. This is more of a past thing for her because well I’m incredibly stubborn like my dad was, and I try to keep her from getting taken advantage to the best of my abilities. Now back to the control thing, it’s like a chunk of my family is just desperate to be considered the powerful one and in return make them act manipulative and controlling, and to add they suck at it. It’s like they want all the control but then when they don’t get it they just grab everything they can and just look over you smuggle. Honestly though, that is not even close to what family should be, right. It shouldn’t be about being about having the most power and being in the most. When I think family I think of the people that should love you no matter what, the people that you can lean on and count on for support and vice versa.

You know what the real joke is, the fact that I’m pretty sure half the reason they do it is for the desire of approval but the problem is that those are the action that makes people not only dislike them but make them down right try to avoid them. Moral of the story, you have to get, because you not maybe being kind won’t get you ahead but it will keep you alive by giving you a life. It’s a fact of life, life is better when you have people there to enjoy it with.

via Daily Prompt: Control


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