Image result for Barbie: Star Light AdventureBarbie: Star Light Adventure -When the stars begin to dim and lose their dance in the sky, the galaxy becomes in jeopardy and everything changes. Barbie, a recognized, talented hoverboarder, is summed to the royal planet to be part of a cosmic journey to save the universe. She is recruited to an elite rescue team, filled with talented individuals and together, along with Barbie’s pet sidekick, Pupcorn, set off on a mission to save the stars and thus the universe.

I’ve watched multiple times now and have to admit that I just can’t help but totally love it. It feels like a new kind of Barbie movie and it was awesome. Not only was it visually stunning but it has a really sweet story and a good message. It’s about believing in yourself and following your heart, with a really fun story to show it. And like I mentioned before, visually it is absolutely gorgeous, this is by far the best animation I have seen done by the Barbie franchise. Between all of this and just how fun it is to enjoy I have to say that this movie really went above and beyond what I expected.

Personally, I think Barbie movies have been a bit hit and miss lately but this was a definite hit. If you are looking for something a little different and like Barbie movies then I have to say this is worth watching. To some it may seem cliched at times but if you ask me it is definitely worth a watch.


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