I’m a little scared when it comes to well all kinds of exposure. Especially in the sense of being emotionally or physically exposed, it makes me kind of nervous. I mean when I think exposure my mind parallels it with vulnerability and being vulnerable is one of my greatest fears. Or more accurately being rejected after showing my vulnerability is what I fear. It’s just that when you expose a part yourself I feel like you are sharing a part of you that is more personal and being rejected for that would be unbearably terrifying. I feel like that’s one of my biggest obstacles for when it comes to becoming close with other people. I’m scared to show that I am weak or that I need them and that always ends up causing problems, for me more than anyone else. I mean even when I am becoming so determined to put myself out there more i still block myself for that reason, the reason of me not wanting to be vulnerable. I don’t know if there is some big reason or cause as to why I am like this but it’s not a quality that I love and it makes me more scared about the future and my relations with people than I naturally am. It might just be that the future and vulnerability are my two greatest fears in life.

via Daily Prompt: Exposed


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