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I keep telling myself that I’m a human being, an imperfect human being who’s not made to look like a doll, and that who I am as a person is more important than whether at that moment I have a nice figure.

~ Emma Watson


Related imageHow to Train Your Dragon – On the island of Berk, where battling dragons is a means for survival, there is a boy named Hiccup who doesn’t exactly fit in. Between the way, he sees things and says things not to mention his slim demeanor he was the ultimate outsider, despite him even being the chief’s son. That all changed though when he met Toothless; his clan was keen on dragon fighting and Hiccup was deperate for approval which is what caused him to shot down a Nightfury but no one believes him. Looking for proof so he can finallu gain respect from his clan but most of all his father,  Hiccup sets off to the wood. When he finds the Nightfury though he’s unable to kill him and stead releases him, but the dragon was left wonded and unable to really fly away. In the process of trying to fix the dragon’s tail the two begin to bond and trust each other. Eventually he befriends the dragon and names him Toothless. Hiccup shows compassion to the dragon and soon learns that everything they think they know is wrong. Now Hiccup must navigate through the things he’s told versus the things he know, whatever he decided could change the lives of his poeople forever.

I really adore this movie, and the entire franchise really. To being with it’s funny, adorable and heartfelt. But what I love about it is the depth that exists within the stories and the characters. Not only is it about the devlopment of the bond between Hiccup and Toothless but as whole it’s about family, friendship, and community but also growing up and finding your place not always in the world but rather right where you are.

Whether you choose to just watch the movies or like me delve into to shows, you can’t go wrong with this franchise. The visuals are outstanding but most of all there is an amazing story that you can’t help but love and get completely attached to. If you haven’t seen it yet I would definitely recommend you add How to Train Your Dragon to your watch list.


Truth be told I was hoping to find a bottle in the sand or something kind of whimsical to look but I had no lucks. With that, I went for option 2, maybe 3, logs on the shore. I’m not actually sure if these logs were washed onto the shore if they are there for some other reason. Either way they are part of what make this beach what it is so you can’t help but appriciate it. As for how it realtes to the prompt, I focused more on transient in the sense of motion, which turns out to be inaccurate, over it being temporaty. But I guess the shoreline can be considered as temporary, you know with high tide and low tide, not to mention rising sea levels, and yes that is another nudge to global warming. If that doesn’t work there’s always the clouds to consider; however you want to see it it’s a place that I feel changes into something new but feels familar every visit.

via Photo Challenge: Transient

Pretty Little Liars Finale

Tonight’s the night, it’s the Pretty Little Liars series finale. It’s the last night for answers and Rosewood mystery and for there to be happy endings, we hope.

Image result for Melissa HastingsTime for the biggest question to finally be revealed, who is Uber A slash A.D as he/she/it is currently being called. My prediction is that Melissa Hastings is A. Since the beginning Melissa has always been on the very top of my A-list. Melissa’s always suspicious of something and now the only answer is that she was the big bad of Pretty Little Lairs. It always seemed like Melissa was just at the edge of every scandal and suspicion but was never actually involved enough to be a real suspect. It’s like she was just a victim or a loving sister in every possible scenario and she has always known how to play it. The reason I say ‘play’ is that even in her most emotional moments, it was like she could instantly switch off the tears and just go off acting completely normal. It just seems like nothing ever truly affected her, expect maybe Ian’s death. Speaking of Ian, he’s one of the people who she had a story with that makes her suspicious but I can’t really explain it; it’s like it always seemed like Melissa was being manipulated but then he killed himself and for me, it just made everything a lot more complex. Then there is the Cece thing, I mean it may have never been explored but there is a connection there. From Melissa being at Cape May during the notorious summer to Jason thinking he saw Cece and Melissa talking on the night Alison disappear to Cece calling Wren while institutionalized, there is some history. She may or may not have been A-moji, the person who wanted to find Charlotte’s killer, but she is my top pick for being Uber A slash A.D. Her being out of reach and all her twisted relations plus her being hyped as the smartest character, and some probably some other things are what make Melissa Hasting my ultimate guess for Uber A.

Not only have I thought about my theory of who Uber A is but I’ve also put lots of thought into what exactly the goal of Uber A may be. I mean with Mona it was her hatred of Ali and she was sick, with Cece it was her twisted desire to have Ali and she was sick but I think that if A.D is supposed to be the biggest bad the show ever had its something more. If you not only consider when A came into play but when it took a break from harassing the girls and it makes me wonder if it’s less about hurting them than it is about separating them. It’s just that A always comes back when the Liars get back together; after discovering ‘Ali’s’ body, after the summer break, after identifying Bethany and after Charlotte’s death. Every time, the girls had separated and then something pulled them back together and A would strike. The theory also works with my Melissa theory because if she did care about Spencer but think her friends were toxic this could have been the twisted answer to keep them apart.

Image result for Mona VanderwaalThe second big question that this last season has been about is who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis, and I know that it was revealed last week to be Mona and an accident but I had already thought out my theory and want to share. My guess for this is Mona Vanderwaal. When Mona came to Charlotte’s hearing and testified to get her released it was suspicious. Plus the whole Two Crows thing, we know Mona always has a plan and it rarely goes unfinished. With Charlotte’s death to follow it seemed pretty clear as to why she wanted her released. Including the fact that it was also revealed that on the night Alison disappeared Mona had wanted to kill Alison and even attempted to do so, but it turned out to be Bethany. I’m not saying trying to make her sound evil or anything but the truth is I wouldn’t be surprised for Mona to end up being the killer.

Image result for pretty little liars WrenNext question is who is the Emison baby daddy. So I thought about the guys that could be on the A Team and my answer came to Wren Kingston. I’m pretty confident that it can’t be Lucas mainly because I don’t think he would ever in a million years want Alison to be carrying his child, game or not, plus he loves Hanna way too much to be part of something intended to hurt her. The other person I considered was Noel but that just didn’t seem right to me either. I mean whoever it is, has to be loyal to Uber A and really hate the Liars; I just feel like Noel was too complex overall to be simply a minion of A. Honestly I think he’s never been on anyone’s side other than his own. I always thought that Wren was suspicious, he’s even high on my A-list, between that, his repeat loyalty to Melissa plus him getting Veronica thrown off of Ashley’s case during the Wilden murder investigation, I think the chances are high. I could see Wren being the ultimate minion to whoever Uber A is.

Image result for pll hanna tortureQuestion number three goes to who shot Spencer and I think whoever it was is the same person who kidnapped and tortured Hanna. I really can’t think of who it may be in specific but it has to be someone close to Uber A. I’m thinking if not Uber A or the baby daddy than some other A-minion. Also, the reason I think it’s the same person is that I don’t think it was Archer who tortured Hanna, honestly I just think A.D was using his desire for vengeance, in a sense. Plus I don’t think that this A-team is very big at least in the sense of how many people are willingly part of it, meaning I think people like Jenna are being blackmailed into helping destroy the Liars.

Now it’s time to tackle down some rumors. The first one I heard about is that there are is going to be not only one but two wedding for season 7B. With Hanna and Caleb officially married, which was a moment that I completely squealed over and couldn’t stop smiling during, my guess is that the second is an Emison wedding. I know Ezra and Aria are engaged and they seem like the most obvious next wedding but I just don’t feel like their relationship was ever meant to be happily ever after. They started as hard, in a way tragic, and I think that is how they are going to ultimately end. As for why I think Emison will be that wedding is that there in this bliss and it’s like whenever they’ve connected romantically it was always untouched bliss. Plus they are having a baby and they both have this emphasis about family so I just feel like. Not mention I saw this tweet about the script where someone says something about vows and ugly crying and I can totally imagine Ali saying that. Also as a bonus thing, I am really hoping they have a girl; I’m just imagining an Emison baby and can’t help but think of like a warrior woman, you strong, kind, the best of both of them.

Image result for pretty little liars ezraRumor number two is that there is going to be two, maybe three major character deaths. My first guess is Ezra or Mona. I don’t really think I can explain why I think it’s them, I just feel like their stories are meant to have a tragic ending. I don’t want it to true, especially about Mona, but they are the two I’d guess for not making it. Now the prediction I am confident about is that whoever Uber A is will not make it; if you ask me the ultimate End Game won’t be jail or a mental institute, the ultimate end would be death, not trying to be cynical or anything.

Image result for pll moms in basementOne thing I’m still curious about but am expecting to never get answered is what happened to the moms on prom night. I am wondering if its just suppose to be an up in the air thing and the answer is just super simple but I still want to know, I mean it was drunk, emotional moms stuck in a basement. Considering the show I shouldn’t be expecting a funny answer, on a practical level they were probably found by police and taken to their daughters who just got questioned about Cece, but a girl can still wonder and hope for something more fun.

Image result for hanna and spencer 7x01Oh and the whole Spencer has a twin theory, I hate that theory. Honestly, if the answer is that A.D is Spencer’s twin I think that’s kind of a give-up-plot. I mean maybe if that is the answer and they explain it really, really well I might be able to accept but after the Charlotte storyline, I don’t want it to be. Mary being Spencer’s biological mother was a total shock for me and I really did like the storyline, which was surprising but I don’t want to see another traumatized evil secret sibling. The main reason people are giving is how Spencer’s behavior is different but I don’t think that has anything to do with her being two people. Frankly, I think she just changed, in the five years they were and since coming back, I mean a lot of things happened, especially for Spencer. Honestly, I think there is only one Spencer and she just isn’t as blindly driven anymore. And quoting her from the season five premiere, she’s not the person who wants to win anymore, she just wants to be happy, and I think that’s all she been trying to do. Plus Marlene said that she has known who Uber A was since the beginning and another messy, secret family member doesn’t seem like the ultimate reveal at this point.

Predictions aside all I know for sure is that the last couple of episodes have been unbelievable great and the season finale have always played out amazing so I am just expecting that the series is going to be an exciting, probably even emotional event.





20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Related image1. Mona is Alive – After the Liars woke up panicked, locked inside exact replicas of their bedrooms a voice came over the loudspeaker telling them to exit the room and follow the lighted pathway. They follow the lights to a replica of Alison’s living room and find a blonde in an Ali mask and yellow top playing the piano. The girl removes her mask and it is revealed to be Mona but when an emotional Hanna says her name Mona scoffs and says she’s Alison. When the girls sit for some tea Mona continues to act like Alison and when a bell chimes she leads the others to another room with a game board. During this game, they get prom invites and the game is to find their prom dates and when Hanna sees a picture of Caleb she warns A that if he is hurt she will kill ‘him, her, it, bitch.’ The outburst causes a loud siren to go off and  Mona informs them that the only way to make it stop was to return to their rooms, which they did and the doors slammed behind them, turning off the sirens and leaving them alone. That night, when the generator powers down Mona gets the girls and explains that they have three minutes. She explains what she had learned since being brought to the Dollhouse, punishments and all. Hanna then realizes that Mona does, in fact, know who she is and Mona releases that A wants her to pretend to be Alison and she goes along with it so long as A is watching. With time almost up the girls rush back to their rooms and get locked in again.

I don’t think I can fully describe how amazing, and emotional, this moment or even this episode was. I mean the whole situation, heck even this half of the season was just filled with unbelievably high stakes and this was the climax. Finding out Mona was alive was also definitely one of my favorite surprises though; between her death being an absolutely heartbreaking moment and the fact that Mona is my second favorite character, first being Hanna, I have admitted it was a good and happy surprise. The only downfall was the fact that they were trapped in the dollhouse, storyline wise though this was definitely my favorite. It was really strong and from the Thanksgiving episode to Prom, which is when Charles was revealed, it was just really intense. This show, in general, has a lot of moments that keep you on the edge of your seat and this one just happens to be my personal favorite.

Image result for pll dollhouse