20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

4. Haleb in the Woods – When Hanna and Caleb come home from school they are welcomed by a not so pleased Ashley. She had found Caleb’s backpack in the basement and pieced together that Hanna had Caleb staying without her knowledge. Ashley kicks Caleb out and he leaves, but she hadn’t expected Hanna to follow him out. With no where else to go Hanna and Caleb spent the night camping out in the woods. Caleb’s surpised by Hanna’s skills when it comes to camping and that caused the two to begin opening up with each other; Hanna mentioned her past weight problem and Caleb discussed foster care. Gaining comfort, trust and feeling more intimate while sharing stories the two share a passionate kiss which leads to them sharing their first night together. The next day Hanna comes home to change and is confronted by Ashley who had spent the night worring about her. Hanna snaps back at her though for being unsympathetic towards Caleb before once again storming off. Ashley realized she only had one choice; after a conversation between the two before dinner Ashley invited Caleb to stay in their guest room for the time being.

I just really enjoy watching the more intimate moments between characters. Not to also mention, Hanna and Caleb are my absolute favorite couple on the show and this was like the first moment were they connected on a more intimate level making this unbelievale sweet. And as much as I love the Haleb moment though the reason as to why this is so high on my list is becasue it was not only the first really real moment between Hanna and Caleb but it was also the first moment where Ashley realized how important Caleb is to Hanna. I mean Caleb ends up playing a large role in the Marin family, in a good way and this was the beginning of him not only being close with Hanna but also being more than just some boyfriend. He ends up being there for them during Ashley’s arrest, after the Dollhouse, and so much more. Hanna trusts Caleb wholeheatedly and Ashley trusts Hanna with Caleb and Caleb loves Hanna limitlessly.

20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for pll house blows up5. House Blows Up – When news breaks about new information on the Jane Doe buried in the DiLaurentis’ yard. The Liars, along with Caleb, Toby and Ezra gather at Emily’s house in time for the Rosewood Police Chief to arrive at the press conference. The Chief announces that the body buried has been identified as Bethany Young, a runaway patient from Radley Sanitarium. When he also mentioned Alison’s ‘alleged’ kidnapping the Liars become even more on edge. As the press conference comes to an end there was a large boom and the windows of Emily’s house shatter. Everyone runs out of the house to find out what happened and discovered the Cavanaugh house on fire and rubble covering the street. As Toby runs off to get answers from his destroyed house the Liars’ phones begin to beep. A had reawakened.

Why I love this moment so much, I don’t really know. It wasn’t because the house exploded because somehow on this show that wasn’t the biggest thing in this moment; I guess because in this case A literally returned with a boom. I mean yeah we got an answer to the question with the grave but it also leads to like a dozen new questions, which I guess should have been expected. Who wants easy when it comes to television, I guess that’s what makes mystery based shows kind of really addicting; nothing like drama and suspense to keep you watching.

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Image result for gundam 00Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – In the distant future, mankind faces its greatest energy crisis ever due to the dependence of fossil fuels. Due to fear, soon humanity was forced to focus on a new source of energy, solar power. The nations of the world united to form three factions, who each have access to limitless energy through a solar power generator; the Union, the AEU, and the Human Reform League. This resulted in the countries still dependent on fossil fuel sales to plunge into poverty, years of warfare and strife over control of solar energy. Chaos was inevitable but among it, the paramilitary organization, Celestial Being, appeared with one goal, the elimination of war and conflict through armed intervention with their Gundams.

My absolute favorite series from the Gundam franchise, there is just so much to love and get excited about. I think most of Gundam animes are about war and discrimination and conflicts like that but Gundam 00 just really gets to me, in a good way. The story is really strong and the characters are phenomenally written. Overall I love this anime, there is just so much to appreciate and enjoy, from the development to the story to the message to the characters, it is really enjoyable to watch.

This is a must watch anime, that said if you haven’t watched it yet then I must recommend doing so soon. Especially so if you are interested in the action, sci-fi genre with military and space, and whether or not you are into anime believe me this is really worth giving a chance. It visually appealing, there are so many characters that you will fall in love with and most of all it has not only an amazing story but a great message too.