Quote of the Day

I wanted to show that women are empowered and strong, and don’t have to be saved by some male hero, but they can take care of themselves using their intelligence and power.

~ Gal Gadot



Image result for wonder womanWonder Woman – Diana, Princess of the Amazons, lived on the paradise island of Themyscirawas, where she was trained to become a warrior like no other but also sheltered away from the world. That all changed when she meets the American pilot, Steve Trevor, who informs her of the war inflaming the rest of the world. Determined to stop the threat and end the conflict, Diana leaves her home and enters the world she was hidden from. Now, she will fight alongside men in the effort of ending all wars and discovering not only her powers but also her destiny.

I just got home from watching and I have to say it was beyond perfect, it feels like the superhero movie I have been waiting for. Without giving away anything I can that I have been waiting for the next superhero movie that was about the story and hope as much as it was about the action and fighting evil. Wonder Woman was the best kind of superhero movie, origin story wise particularly, I mean it’s about more than just her story about becoming this amazing hero, it is the story about Diana finding her truths and her destiny. It’s hard to really say what moments really hit the mark and made this such an amazing movie without giving anything away so for now, that is all I’ll say.

I might be biased but I truly believe that this is a must watch for really any type of movie fan. It’s more than just the usual action packed superhero blockbuster, though there is still plenty of it. But beyond that, there is an incredible and powerful story about hope and not just about becoming a hero but rather becoming part of our world. Overall I think it’s an amazing movie that is definitely worth the hype.