20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for how a stole christmas19. Christmas Gesture – After finding a link between Alison and Bethany the group comes together at Spencer’s house. Finally feeling like they can take a breath for a moment the group is able to enjoy the holiday. Being snowed in on Christmas Day at the Hasting’s house the Lairs and their significant others work the make to enjoy the day together. Starting with a Christmas morning filled with speeches of friendship and even a gift of cheesy Christmas gestures filled with love and the night ending with a fully cooked Christmas dinner; making it a joyous day of snow and friendship.

I love the whole friends-as-family feel that the end of this episode had; Christmas is always emphasized as being with the ones you love and it’s nice seeing that even when they don’t have their families, having each other is enough. I also just really remember the Christmas morning part as an incredibly sweet and cheesy and loveable moment and the whole idea of a Christmas gesture over a present makes it even sweeter. The whole episode just had this intense feeling to it, as most Pretty Little Liars episodes do, and I just really enjoyed the Christmas type of warm feeling that the last couple scenes had. And even though there was an A message at the very end, it mostly like despite how bad things get the there is just some things that can never be truly ruined.