20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for hanna visits mona18. Hanna Visits Mona – After being discovered as the Liars stalker, A, Mona was placed in Radley Sanitarium. During her time there Hanna visited her, first secretly but eventually, her friends found out and Caleb found out. More than anything Hanna wanted answers about what she did wrong, what she did to make Mona hate her so much, to make her want to hurt her and the others. For the beginning Mona just sat there, practically lifeless, with a glassy stare and stoic expression. Hanna begins to feel weary about if there really is any purpose of her visit, that is until Wren tells her that he believes her visits are creating a lot of progress in Mona’s recovery, thus Hanna continues to come back. Just because Mona was not much for talking though didn’t mean there wasn’t any conflict, during one visit Hanna reached her limit of frustration and yells at Mona for ruining her life; this led to Wren intervening and later explaining that what Hanna was feeling was an ambiguous loss. Hanna finally makes a breakthrough, after a makeover Mona speaks for the first time; from then on Mona kept a bubbly front giving thanks to her new medications. Before her inevitable realize Mona and Hanna faced one more hurdle in the form of doctors requesting Mona being transferred to a facility in New York. Though her intention was about getting more answers about the new A when Hanna spoke to the Radley board about Mona staying the speech she makes as Mona’s friend is genuine and strong, enough so to persuade the board’s decision.

The reason I love these moments so much is what it speaks of in the sense of Hanna and Mona’s relationship. All the girls were confused but also probably relieved when they found out the Mona was A and being sent away but I feel like Hanna was mostly hurt and there couldn’t be anyone to relate to. I personally feel like Mona and Hanna’s relationship is the most emotional and complex. After Ali’s disappearance they became so close and then after she was realized from Radley it seemed like Hanna considered giving Mona a small chance but always second guessed it. It might be twisted and messy but on some level, they care for each other, and I don’t know if that can be technically be considered friendship but it is something and it is strong.

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