20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for pretty little liars ctrl a16. Caleb’s Password – After a court order gets Caleb’s laptop confiscated into police custody, soon the Liars discover it may have been a trap by A. The pressure is on and when Caleb decides to ‘cooperate’ with the police Hanna and Spencer must get into his files before Garret and Wilden. Hanna managed to remember the first three numbers followed by the initial of all the cities in the order he lived in them, with alternating caps, what she couldn’t recall the last four numbers before an exclamation point. As time crunches with cops gaining access Hanna puts together that the final numbers and manages to remove all the incriminating files on Caleb’s laptop thus freeing him from the police. With everything all said and done the couple reunites in front of the police station. After a warm embrace, Hanna questions 1105 being November 5, their first night together which Caleb simply responds there was an exclamation mark next to it

There are actually two big reasons why I love this moment so much. The first is because of how it went from being this super stressful situation to it turning into a really sweet moment between Hanna and Caleb. The second reason is that it’s like his password is about the major points in his life and the fact that the anniversary of their first time is one of those points is just great. And I am probably totally overanalyzing but this is a show where that is totally normal and I mean it adds to the cuteness of my favorite couple on the show.

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