20 Days of Pretty Little Lairs

Image result for pll naked truth15. Hanna Takes Down Kate – After Hanna sabotaging her father’s wedding and then getting arrested Hanna’s father decided to move to back to Rosewood with Isabel and Kate. Hanna was weary early on about Kate joining her high school but things only become worse when nudes of Kate were sent to the student body via Hanna’s phone. The conflict reached its climax during Truth Up Day when Hanna notices a birthmark on Kate’s waist, making her realize that the nude sent out was photoshopped. The girls originally suspected that A had sent the picture but now realizing that it was improved she wasn’t sure it was A anymore. This leads to Hanna confronting Kate in the girls’ bathroom and soon enough gets her to confess that she did, in fact, send the picture off of Hanna’s phone. What Kate hadn’t planned for was Aria and Emily in the stalls recording the conversation and thus Kate’s confession.

I guess I like this moment because it’s kind of unusual in the sense that usually, the bad things that happen to the Liars is because of A type situations. I mean throughout the series the girls deal with super intense and unbelievable circumstances and because of this thing like what happened with Kate seem mundane in comparison. Even still it doesn’t make them any less important or serious. I don’t know, I just like watching them get an easy, clean win. But I think the best part of this though was the end, Hanna and Ashley are my favorite mother-daughter pair on the show; between their hug and the step up they got on Isabel and Kate this ends up being a fantastic moment.

Image result for pll 2x19


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