20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Related image14. Haleb in the Shower – While Caleb is secretly living at Hanna’s house the two begin to bond. Things escalate one morning while Caleb’s in the shower; when Ashley unexpectedly returns home to get her phone charger causing Hanna to jump into the shower, fully clothed, with Caleb to keep her mom from finding out the truth. Between holding her hand over his mouth to keep her mom from hearing him and Caleb catching Hanna sneaking a peek when he turned around the awkward moment quickly accelerated.

Between this moment just genuinely being a mix of sweet and funny plus it being the moment that led to the first Haleb kiss I can’t help but absolutely adore it. I really like how these two developed, it’s like they emotionally grow together, if that is even the right way of saying it. But most of I like how this led to them both eventually becoming naked with each other, in a vulnerable way. It led to their first personal emotional moment and their first kiss and thus their relationship. Also, how can you not just smile while watching this shower scene play out.

Related image


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