I thought long and hard about what would make this a perfect relationship. I considered the ‘order’ that is my closet or my jewelry box, I even considered making something to represent order but none of those ideas seemed all that right to me. In the end, I decided on nature’s order; originally I though the V formation that birds fly in during migration but I don’t have any such picture in my collection and sadly I couldn’t find any flying geese this week. So I decided to go with my second version of nature’s order, plant formation. I mean ‘order’ is essentially about the relation of things in the sense of a sequence or pattern and we work so hard to have order in or lives but nature just does it.  Plants and animals and pretty much the whole natural world have order wrapped into their existence, whether it’s the order of migration of the natural kingdom or the order of plants growing together in summer. There is order everywhere and with it comes balance, even harmony.

via Photo Challenge: Order


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