20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for Hanna Hit by Car13. Hanna Hit by Car – Mona banned Hanna from her glamping birthday party but that didn’t stop Hanna from sneaking around due to A indicating that the party was, in fact, a scavenger hunt with her being the prize. While Hanna was looking for clues about A she sees a car pull up and someone get in, she soon realizes it’s Mr. Fitz’s car and Aria getting in it. Piecing together what this means Hanna discovers the affair but she also catches a figure she assumes to be A writing “I see you” on the back windshield. With this Hanna thinks she has figured out the ultimate answer, who is A, and she texts the other Liars that and for them to meet her in the parking lot. When Hanna spots the girls in the parking lot she runs towards them but before she makes it to them a car comes racing at her. Hanna was hit and flung over the car, leaving her unconscious. The Liars rush to her side and call 9-1-1 while calling for help they get a text from A simply stating ‘she knew too much.’

This really felt like the first real moment where we found out what exactly A was capable of. I mean yeah there have been threats and police and suspicions but until this moment everything felt more hypothetical. Yes, the threats were terrifying but this was the first time were the Liars realized that A is willing to kill and there is no hesitation if it means to keep his or her secrets.

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