20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for hanna slaps jenna12. Hanna Slaps Jenna – After Aria and Emily overhear Caleb arguing over the phone with someone about Hanna they become suspicious that he is involved with someone else. When they see Jenna wearing the owl Hanna saw in Caleb’s bag a connection between Jenna and Caleb is confirmed. Between the owl actually being a flash drive and the fact that 2-1-4 was actually Caleb’s locker combination Hanna realizes Caleb is guilty just not about what they expected. When she returns from school Hanna and Caleb hash it out and he explains how he never meant to hurt her and how he told Jenna that he couldn’t help her anymore when things started happening between them, but that wasn’t enough for Hanna and she made him leave. The next day at school Hanna, Aria and Emily talk in the girls’ restroom, when they see Jenna enter Hanna says she wants to talk to her. Catching Jenna’s attention surprisingly to all Hanna slaps her across the face. This was followed by her retrieving Jenna’s sunglasses and handing them to her. Before leaving Hanna ensures that Jenna knew it was her and the three walked out.

I don’t know why I enjoy bathroom conflict so much on this show, especially featuring Hanna, but I do. I feel like this was a combination of elegant and epic. I mean violence isn’t always the best option but at the same time I can see why Hanna did it. The fact that she gave the sunglasses back and made sure Jenna knew it was her was the part that made it work all that much better. Yes Jenna is blind but at the same time in this show, she’s not always the victim, usually, she’s actually one of the biggest threats. I don’t know I just thought that this scene was done perfectly and I can’t help but find it absolutely memorable.

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