20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for spencer 1x2111. Spencer at the Town Fair – When Spencer becomes a person of interest in the murder of Alison things become more intense than ever. Feeling that it was time to buckle down on Spencer’s image the Hasting’s volunteer Spencer to help the church at the Founder’s Day festival and also discourage her from seeing Toby. Once at the Festival things didn’t get any better for her; after a fight with Melissa and a battle of wits with Ian, Spencer goes off to meet Toby, the two had planned to meet in secret. Things don’t go as expected though starting with her receiving a text from someone claiming to be Toby telling her to meet him inside the haunted house. From there Spencer soon finds a threat from A telling her to keep quiet. Terrified she frantically looks for an exit which gets her trapped in a revolving door. When Spencer is finally released she comes face to face with Ian holding a crowbar, that was being used to trap her in; soon followed the rest of her worried family. When they all get out of the haunted house, the Hastings lead Spencer home but then she catches sight of Toby. Despite her family’s wishes, Spencer runs into Toby’s arms and the two share a heartfelt kiss.

This moment speaks so much about the Hastings family and about Spoby’s relationship. The Hastings part is that it had become a reoccurrence that the family tended to think that with a good game plan that they could get themselves out of any trouble, this was just the first time. The Spoby part is just that their relationship had its ups and downs but they always lean on each other when the walls come closing, for this moment literally. I love this moment because it is bold and I love it because it is sweet and I love it because it exists.

Image result for spencer 1x21


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