20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

10. Haleb Engaged & Married – With time closing in and Caleb making no progress in finding the game the two go out for a break. This leads Caleb taking Hanna to the courthouse, in front of a judge’s office with a pair of gold rings. To this Hanna simply smiles, and when Caleb express how one day they can do something bigger, she tells him it’s perfect. After the two share a passionate kiss Ashley appears, to Hanna’s surprise until she learns Caleb told her. Not only did Ashley bring the flowers but she had also arranged for the judge to be present after hours. From their Hanna and Caleb say their I-do’s, exchange rings and share their first kiss as husband and wife.

I think I have mentioned at some point that Haleb is totally my OTP on the show which is reason one as to why I love this so much but it’s not the only reason. Somehow it being an in the moment, intimate, happy and filled with love really works for them. Just a simple, honest, real moment shared between them. I think that’s honestly the biggest part for me, the fact that it just about being married and together forever and nothing else mattered. As an added bonus, Hanna’s mom pulling strings and being their witness, it really added to the perfection; the three of them have been like family for so long and now it’s just official. Even as I write this I can’t help but smile and feel giddy, I hope that adds to the insight as to why I love this moment so much.

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