Image result for red data girlRed Data Girl – Izumiko Suzuhara is a 15-year-old girl who has a secret that she didn’t even know about. Born to the Tamakura Shrine, Izumiko lived a shy, quiet life where the only abnormality was her; between her braided pigtails and how whenever she touched electric devices they break she always stood out in a bad way. That all changed though when she enrolled at Hojo High School in Tokyo and she began getting answers about who, or rather what she was. With her childhood friend Miyuki Sagara the two learn of an entity known as the ‘Himegami.’ Izumiko learns that she is a vessel for the spirit called a  kami and that Miyuki is a warrior called a yamabushi whose duty is to protect the kami. From there they learn about the world hidden in our and they are a part of it.

I adore this anime. This is definitely an anime that caught me off guard. When I heard of it and saw it on Netflix, my first thought was ghosts and childishly girly but when I finally watched it, within minutes I realized just how wrong I was. It delves into the spirit realm and the mystical arts that come with it and tells a great story about a girl finding her way through it. Not to mention that visually it is absolutely stunning, the animation, the color all of it is amazing.

For fans of fantasy with parallel to the world of mystics, this is a definite must. It’s a story about discovery and identity and becoming more confident but best of all they way it is played out is simply beautiful. You can’t go wrong in giving this anime a try.


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