20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

7. Alison is Alive – Finding out that Board Shorts believed Ali was alive the Liars realized they need to find her first. When they begin heading to the cemetery celebration they are confronted by Mrs. Grunwald who tells them they are putting Alison in danger. This led to Grunwald, who is a psychic, explaining how she knew Ali because Ali wanted help finding her stalker. Most importantly she told them how on the night Alison went missing she had gone to the DiLaurentis’ because of a bad feeling. When she arrived in the backyard she saw Alison’s hand reaching out from the ground; Grunwald pulled her out and drove her to the hospital but before they got there Alison run away. From there Mrs. Grunwald told the Liars that Alison didn’t want to be found and that they should leave but they didn’t listen. After a long night in Ravenswood, the girls get dropped off at Spencer by Ezra. Once there they spot Red Coat and run after her towards Spencer’s barn. She stops, back turned to the Liars and pulls down her hood and turns around and is Alison. She nervously asks the shocked, overwhelmed girls if they missed her. They beg her to stay and she tells them she wants to but needs their help, before disappearing again she holds a finger to her lips.

It was hinted for awhile, and Grunwald definitely confirmed it to be true but actually seeing the Liars face to face with Alison was just scream-worthy, in a good way. I mean this was the moment, without a doubt where we knew Alison is alive! For a Halloween episode, you can always expect excitement but this reveal was so much more. I mean it felt like the biggest thing since Mona being A and it held. Alison being alive was a curveball for me but her being face to face with friends like that was just a goosebumps moment.


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