Summer Solstice​

Happy Longest Day of the Year!

Want to know why I love this day so much because it is also the first official day of summer. Spring may be my favorite season but I have to admit that I always have a soft spot when it comes to my love of summer. It just feels like summer is this point where you can take pause, possibly because growing up it was summer vacation, but now I’ve just linked it to something nice, calming. I always want just want adventure in the summer, I make bucket list starting with all the tourist type stuff I can do and get all the way to my summer wish trip. This year it was Germany and I was so close until my mom pulled the plug at the last minute, again. That aside, adventure, books, writing, beaches, all the recipe for a perfect summer that offically started today, I haven’t done anything yet though. But as an added bonus for this glorious day, it is the first sunny day with clear, blue skies.


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