20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

6. The Lighthouse – With Garret’s trial approaching Emily decides to get away with Maya’s family and goes to the Lighthouse Rock Inn with Nate. While talking a nap, Emily awakens alone by a call from ‘A’ telling her to get out. After awhile, Nate returns and informs Emily his family is a few hours away. Something feels off for Emily though and when she sees yellow splatters on Nate’s boots things click and Emily realizes Nate is Maya’s stalker. Knowing this, Emily tries to escape into the woods but is stopped and taken captive. From there Nate shows her a video Maya recorded at Noel’s cabin explaining everything from her True North stalker to how she felt about Emily to how she wanted to return. As the video ends about how he is actually Lyndon James and how he loved Maya. He explained how when he met Emily and heard her talk about Maya he thought he could start over with her but Emily ‘played’ him. From there he pulled a gagged Paige from the closet and tells Emily that he will take Paige from her but at the sound of footsteps Lyndon becomes distracted and Emily runs. Looking for a signal to call 9-1-1 Emily goes up to the lighthouse and Lyndon follows, with a knife in hand. Emily tries to hold him off but in the struggle, she stabs him in the stomach. He falls to the floor and Caleb arrives, with a gun he shelves, and comforts a trembling Emily, then a gunshot goes off. When the rest of the Liars arrive, Emily and Paige are being questioned and Caleb is loaded into an ambulance after being shot in the abdomen, causing Hanna to become distraught in her friends’ arms.

This is a show filled with a lot of mystery, suspense, heartbreak and death and this moment is an example of it all. When the episode started I was so sure that Caleb was the one that was deceased, a minute hadn’t even gone by and I was already crying at Hanna’s sobbing for him. But I was relieved to see he didn’t but that doesn’t change how emotional the lighthouse scene was. The moment Emily got away my breath was caught but then when it ended and we saw Emily as Caleb got there was absolutely heartbreaking.



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