Image result for gundam 00Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – In the distant future, mankind faces its greatest energy crisis ever due to the dependence of fossil fuels. Due to fear, soon humanity was forced to focus on a new source of energy, solar power. The nations of the world united to form three factions, who each have access to limitless energy through a solar power generator; the Union, the AEU, and the Human Reform League. This resulted in the countries still dependent on fossil fuel sales to plunge into poverty, years of warfare and strife over control of solar energy. Chaos was inevitable but among it, the paramilitary organization, Celestial Being, appeared with one goal, the elimination of war and conflict through armed intervention with their Gundams.

My absolute favorite series from the Gundam franchise, there is just so much to love and get excited about. I think most of Gundam animes are about war and discrimination and conflicts like that but Gundam 00 just really gets to me, in a good way. The story is really strong and the characters are phenomenally written. Overall I love this anime, there is just so much to appreciate and enjoy, from the development to the story to the message to the characters, it is really enjoyable to watch.

This is a must watch anime, that said if you haven’t watched it yet then I must recommend doing so soon. Especially so if you are interested in the action, sci-fi genre with military and space, and whether or not you are into anime believe me this is really worth giving a chance. It visually appealing, there are so many characters that you will fall in love with and most of all it has not only an amazing story but a great message too.


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