20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for mona is a3. Mona is A – During the Masquerade Ball, Spencer puts together why Alison was at the Lost Woods Resort, with the help of Mona; Ali wasn’t hiding as Vivian but in fact she was watching A. Desperate to finally be able to out maneuver A, Spencer leaves the Masquerade Ball for the Lost Woods with Mona. With Spencer piecing everything together, her and Mona enter the room next to the one Ali was in; it was filled with photos of the Liars, newspaper clippings, dolls, maps, and blueprints. They had discovered A’s Lair. While digging through A’s belongs Spencer finally figures it out, Mona is A. Mona returns just in time, in her black hoodie uniform and knocks Spencer unconscious. Spencer comes to, terrified in the seat next to Mona recklessly driving to Look Out Point. Spencer manages to get a call out a call out to the other Liars, informing them that Mona is A and that she is taking her to Look Out Point. As the Liars race up to cut Mona off, Spencer gets answers; Mona became A not because of Alison’s bullying but rather because the girls stole Hanna from her.

This was quite the reveal and the way everything played out from beginning to end was incredibly intense and emotional. I just feel like the reveal was just unbelievable shocking not to mention the lair being beyond creepy but also super amazing. Between her reasoning and just how well she hid being suspicious I mean yeah if you considered her past but then you’d think Ali being gone would be enough. I think the most twisted part is just the fact that she wanted to be accepted and she wanted Hanna back and somehow that just turned into her wanting control really. Mona will always be the greatest A to me, at least I think so, not sure how I’ll feel after the series finale but I guess that will depend on how it all plays out.

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