20 Days of Pretty Little Liars

Image result for spoby 2x252. Post Unmasking – After the fallout of finding out Mona is A the authorities and with them Dr. Sullivan, to the surprise of the Lairs, who though she was dead. Dr. Sullivan provides comfort and some insight to the girls who after the events of the night were still in shock and shaken up. Once they all returned to Rosewood Dr. Sullivan diagnosed Mona with a personality disorder but it also discovers via Mona’s thoughts that ‘everything went according to their plan.’ After discussing Mona, Sullivan explains how it was thanks to their friend that she was able to return and that friend turned out to be Toby; he was waiting outside shared a passionate kiss with Spencer. The girls decide to spend the night together and head to Emily’s house but when they arrive they see emergency officers waiting. Emily’s mother informs them that they found a body, and they think it’s Maya. The news causes Emily to become distraught as she falls into her friends arms as they try to comfort her.

Maybe this should count as part of Mona being revealed as A but I like for different reasons and recognize it as a separate moment so I figured it works better this way. This episode was about to be the closest thing to a happy ending but before it actually ended everything came crashing down. A new murder, a new mystery, a new heartbreak. Very classic Pretty Little Liars at that point and I as frustrating as it can be at times it is one of the things that make it quite addicting at times. Also as a bit of a bonus, this is one of my favorite Spoby moments, between the slap attempt, the smiling kiss and Toby saying that ‘pretending not to love Spencer was the hardest thing he ever did.’ Overall this had to have been my favorite finale, maybe tied with season 5, and this moment was just emotionally wrenching. I feeling like this was the moment where it became really clear that there was never just one thing to fear but at the same that the only way they can make it is by not just sticking together but sometimes have faith in the people they love.

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