Pretty Little Liars Honorable Mentions

Veronica Calls Out Wilden – On the day of the S.A.Ts, there is a storm, thus leaving the students of Rosewood locked in until further notice. During this time Wilden gets Emily alone, and eventually all the Liars when they go looking for her. Wilden then accuses Emily of not only trashing Alison’s memory bit of her murder; followed by him essentially out Emily by telling the Liars about a letter she had written to Alison. As things begin to escalate Veronica walks in and is instantly outraged about the fact that the girls isolated and being questioned alone. Learning about the situation Veronica stepped further up and warned Wilden of the laws he was sidelining and that she was going to get him off the case. I love this moment for two reasons; first, how all the girls stuck together even with two shocks all that mattered to them was staying on the same side. Most of all I loved  Mrs. Hastings going full-on mama bear against Wilden, no questions asked, to protect her daughter and her friends.

Pam Confronts McCullers – Because his daughter wasn’t the anchor during a swim meet, Paige’s dad comes to the school and makes a sense, suggesting Emily was getting special treatment because she’s gay. When Pam finds this out she first pulls Emily aside to find out why she never told her but Emily gets defensive, assuming her mother would have sided with McCullers. When Pam spots McCullers across the room she confronts him, giving him a piece of her mind and threatens him to drop the issue or she will show him what an agenda looks like. I thought that was a really strong scene, ever since she was outed Emily and her mom seemed so separate but then when her daughter’s skill and integrate was brought into question in a very outrageous manner everything just seemed to fall together. It was the moment that fixed things for the Fields family and personally, I think it was done beautifully.

Image result for aria and mike 2x11Helping Mike – During a time of ups and downs for the Montgomery family, a change in Mike goes unnoticed that is until he has completely fallen off. When the family finally does notice the way to help him is debated but eventually, they have to stop lying and hiding and deal with reality. This isn’t just one scene but rather a storyline being built up during the first half of season 2 but I really like and wanted to mention it. I feel like it was done subtly so it may have not seemed like a huge moment but I think it was. I mean the Liars deal with this big obvious threat that sometimes the more mundane things aren’t noticed to be as serious but it is and that’s how it was treated. Also, I think it was a significant moment in the development of their family, which I think is important to note too.

Image result for lucas and hanna 2x04Hanna Confronts the Past – The morning after a double date to help Lucas with a girl he likes turns into a success Lucas comes to Hanna’s to express his thanks. He didn’t want to thank her for the date though it was because what she did was selfless, it was just about helping him and was nothing about her gain. When he mentioned that what she did made her nothing like Alison something resonated with Hanna and sent her to Dr. Sullivan. She tells Sullivan about how she really felt about Alison and after an exercise, Hanna is able to let go of Ali’s ghost and move on. I really love Lucas and Hanna’s friendship but that’s not why I love this moment. It feels like it was a big stepping stone in Hanna’s character development. For all the Liars Alison kept them in a certain way and in Hanna’s case, her admiring made her do stuff she wasn’t always sure of and insecure about her own decision. But between Lucas’s words and her session with Dr. Sullivan she was able to put all that away and move forward.

Image result for pll telling dr sullivan 2x11The Liars Tell Sullivan – Having finally reached their breaking point the Liars decide to finally reach out to someone. After realizing how bad Emily has really been pushed, even wondering if she ran away, the rest of the girls go where they think they might find her, Dr. Sullivan. When Emily arrives the Liars discuss being threatened and not sure, but then Sullivan asks who they’re talking about. That’s when told her about A, how the threats began just before Alison funeral, about their suspicions, being framed and being wrong many times. After all this the Liars all feel relieved even a bit empowered but worried. And they were right to, by the end of the episode Dr. Sullivan figured out who A was but by the time the Liars got to her office A had taken her. This was a very significant moment if you ask me, I mean for them to all trust someone enough to tell them the whole truth. Plus the fact that once they finally did that person was taken. They are left not knowing if she is dead or alive, that person who went out of her to help them, the person who they all learned to trust opening was now gone. It really magnified A to another scary level.

Image result for Hanna as red coatHanna Pretends as Red Coat – Suspicious of Spencer’s involvement with A the rest of the Liars make a plan to find the truth. During the swim meet Spencer spots someone in a red trench coat and follows her. After temporarily losing her Spencer finally corners the red coat in the girl’s bathroom, but when she turns around it’s Hanna; soon Emily and Aria follow out from the stalls. They were testing Spencer to see if she was on the A-team; her following met she was still one of them. Spencer then explains how she joined, that Mona was not in charge and how the party is a setup to get them all together. With the truth, the Liars finally felt like they had the advantage. The reason I like this moment is that even when they had proof of Spencer being against them the Lairs still had faith that there had to be more to it. It really is an example of how no matter what they are not only going to stick together but they will always be on the same side, no matter how hard A tries to pull them apart.

Mona Shows Video of Alison – Feeling paranoid about someone following her Alison flees into the church. After sending out an S.O.S she turns to find Mona behind her. Alison tells Mona she is not afraid of her to which Mona responds about having proof of the Liars being in New York and how she wanted Alison to leave Rosewood. After some back and forth Alison believes Mona is scared and that she has the upper hand, causing Alison to hold her ground about staying and saying Mona is afraid that everyone wants to be her friend and that she can make her Loser Mona again. In anger, Mona slaps Alison causing Alison to slap her back before demanding she leaves her alone. What Alison hadn’t expected was Mona recording the interaction and showing it in her favor, shocking the school and the Liars. What I love most about this moment is how well Mona managed to play this scene, not only with the video but also by ensuring that the Liars would waver about Alison. Also, it’s a good display of how easy the tables can turn for the ‘victim’ which is something I feel happens quite often with this show.

Image result for Hanna 6x01Article About their Families – After being trapped in the Dollhouse for weeks Charles lets the Liars out of their rooms, all looking traumatized. As they reunited a voice came over the loudspeaker instructing them to Alison’s room to ‘prepare for the arrival.’ They find boxes filled with Alison’s things, soon realizing that Mona was missing and Alison was coming. After finishing with Alison’s room the girls return to their own to discover their own boxes filled with their personal belongs. Among her things, Hanna finds a newspaper with an article about their families. It was about how they were struggling since the abduction and how Hanna’s mom had since been hospitalized. This caused the girls to truly realize their families were not only losing hope but suffering from not knowing where they are or if they are alive. This moment really broke my heart, I mean the whole Dollhouse scenario is just really emotional and extreme but just hearing Hanna talk about her mom and hearing about the isolation for the first time was just incredibly emotional and hard.

Image result for pll moms in basementMom’s on Prom Night – While chaperoning their daughters and their dates on prom night they decide to enjoy themselves a little too. After some bottles of wine and confessions about the DiLaurentis-Hastings relation, the moms begin to have their own theories. – Honestly, I love this so much because it is really funny but also kind of emotional. I mean the moms of the show have gone through so much emotionally and I feel like this showed how they that affected them. The Liars have each other to deal with everything thrown at them but the parents don’t. They’re moms that don’t know who to help their daughters; I kind of wish there were more moments like this.

Related imageSpencer Reads Mary’s Letter – Having found out the truth about her lineage, that she was, in fact, the child of Mary Drake, Spencer begins to question her existence, then came the game. — I’m actually surprised by how much I ended up actually being interested in Mary and Spencer’s relationship. I mean I was expecting it to feel like Cece and Ali but this feels like so much more and it all started with that letter. As much as I like Veronica Hastings and how bad I feel for her I can’t deny that I’ve liked watching Spencer and Mary’s heart-to-heart moments.






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