Truth be told I was hoping to find a bottle in the sand or something kind of whimsical to look but I had no lucks. With that, I went for option 2, maybe 3, logs on the shore. I’m not actually sure if these logs were washed onto the shore if they are there for some other reason. Either way they are part of what make this beach what it is so you can’t help but appriciate it. As for how it realtes to the prompt, I focused more on transient in the sense of motion, which turns out to be inaccurate, over it being temporaty. But I guess the shoreline can be considered as temporary, you know with high tide and low tide, not to mention rising sea levels, and yes that is another nudge to global warming. If that doesn’t work there’s always the clouds to consider; however you want to see it it’s a place that I feel changes into something new but feels familar every visit.

via Photo Challenge: Transient


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