Related imageHow to Train Your Dragon – On the island of Berk, where battling dragons is a means for survival, there is a boy named Hiccup who doesn’t exactly fit in. Between the way, he sees things and says things not to mention his slim demeanor he was the ultimate outsider, despite him even being the chief’s son. That all changed though when he met Toothless; his clan was keen on dragon fighting and Hiccup was deperate for approval which is what caused him to shot down a Nightfury but no one believes him. Looking for proof so he can finallu gain respect from his clan but most of all his father,  Hiccup sets off to the wood. When he finds the Nightfury though he’s unable to kill him and stead releases him, but the dragon was left wonded and unable to really fly away. In the process of trying to fix the dragon’s tail the two begin to bond and trust each other. Eventually he befriends the dragon and names him Toothless. Hiccup shows compassion to the dragon and soon learns that everything they think they know is wrong. Now Hiccup must navigate through the things he’s told versus the things he know, whatever he decided could change the lives of his poeople forever.

I really adore this movie, and the entire franchise really. To being with it’s funny, adorable and heartfelt. But what I love about it is the depth that exists within the stories and the characters. Not only is it about the devlopment of the bond between Hiccup and Toothless but as whole it’s about family, friendship, and community but also growing up and finding your place not always in the world but rather right where you are.

Whether you choose to just watch the movies or like me delve into to shows, you can’t go wrong with this franchise. The visuals are outstanding but most of all there is an amazing story that you can’t help but love and get completely attached to. If you haven’t seen it yet I would definitely recommend you add How to Train Your Dragon to your watch list.


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