I don’t know if this is a normal fact about me or just another dorky feature but the truth is that a sunny day can make a world of difference to me. I’m not talking the sun is shine, birds are chirping, summer kind of sunny, I actually mean something probably even simpler than that, at least I think it is. It can be as small as a ray of light peering through on the rainiest of days or beaming down on us until nightfall. Whatever version I get I can’t help but be happy about it. The sun is just something I can always rely on to boost up my mood, and sometimes just thinking about it, whether I can see it or I’m waiting for it, change me from feeling absolutely hopeless to a moment of peace. A sunny day is truly my version of the simplest happiness. A sunny world can bring necessary pause and I can’t help but smile about that.

via Daily Prompt: Sunny


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