Pretty Little Liars Finale

Considering I did like a month worth of celebrating Pretty Little Liars in time for the series finale I thought it would be proper to give my final thoughts on the show and the finale. And before starting anything specific I have to admit that the 2-hour finale was kind of disappointing.

As for my predictions, I was hit and miss, mostly miss. I got Wren being, in fact, the baby daddy, even the reason almost, just the wrong Hasting. I also got Mona being Charlotte’s killer right, but that was revealed the episode before but it was still a prediction and it was right. The one prediction that I got wrong, or maybe two if you include Ezra not dying, that I’m really sad I got wrong was Melissa being Uber A. I’ll talk about it a little later but I really wish she was a part of Uber A’s plan at the very least. I just always felt she was hiding something and I guess I’m disappointed that she wasn’t involved more in the finale.

Image result for haleb 7x20Now for the episode itself, I guess I should start with the things I didn’t like. First of all, it’s the fact that all the relationship felt like they were all very intense in a conflicted sort of way in the first half but then by the wedding all had a half-ass solution. Now that I think about it, that’s luke warm idea is how the overall episode felt like.

Image result for alex drakeSecond is Alex Drake being A.D and Spencer’s twin. I mean it could have possibly been super awesome but I feel like it was too messy and rushed, plus I personally think there were plot holes, epically considering her relationship with Wren. I might sound biased when I say this because of my Uber A prediction but I feel like if Melissa knew about her and was part of her A team but might have even saved it a bit for me. I mean she was definitely one of the more interesting parts of the finale but I just don’t feel it was done very well.

Image result for ezria weddingAnother flaw is that I don’t think it was that emotional in the way I wanted it to be. It’s like there was too much of an intention for everyone to end up happily ever after that the drama I expected for a Pretty Little Liars finale didn’t really happen. I know this may come off as cynical but I am disappointed that Ezria didn’t turn into a tragedy. I just always felt like that was the greatest attraction when it came to the couple, off timing and tragedy. Don’t get me wrong, I love happily ever afters but I don’t know it just didn’t feel right here, that’s just my opinion on the case. If not Ezria just something that felt more dramatic and emotionally heartbreaking; I was expecting that feeling to be the case but it never came at least in the finale episode.

Image result for pll alex and maryDespite the lukewarmness of the episode overall, I did still have some favorite moments. Number one is most definitely the last Mona scene with her having the Alex and Mary Drake in a doll room in Paris. It was just absolutely brilliant and totally perfect for Mona, it’s like she not only got a happily ever after but I mean she truly won the game. All Mona ever wanted was Hanna’s friendship but she couldn’t let go of the game, in the end, she got both. I always felt like Hanna’s conflicting emotions about Mona never really got that exposed, especially after her release from Radley and it was nice seeing that struggle continue in the finale. Not that I’m happy about Hanna struggling but about the fact that her confliction is not just a barrier and this time she didn’t take the easy way out to please her loved ones. 

Image result for alex drakeA close second has to be Toby being able to figure out who the really Spencer is. Don’t get me wrong the whole Alex seducing and actually sleeping with Toby is kind of super twisted. Not to mention her whole wanting to actually be Spencer and most of all wanting Toby really reminded me of Katherine in Elena’s body staying in Mystica Falls for Stefan in The Vampire Diaries. Spoby ended up being end game though so I guess I can live with it. Even still, Toby being able to recognize the real Spencer, not only in the moment but after discovering the truth about Alex he was able to single out the moments of their interactions. But most of all in that final Spoby moment, the emotions, and the connection between the two that had been built up for the last seven season, I could really feel it. I’ve always loved Spoby, almost as much as Haleb, and I have to admit I am really glad that them reconnecting was mentioned in the final scene with the girls.

Image result for pll momsI also wanted to mention the return of the PLL moms and their drunkenness. Even though we didn’t actually get an answer to what happened in the basement I’m still satisfied that it was at least mentioned. I’m still curious though about what way exactly they escaped that traumatized Pam enough to not drink for a year, and who knows what else. It was really fun to watch and nice to see that not only the girls are connected but so are their parent, even beyond their daughters. I wish there had been more of their interactions and confessions, it was always fun to watch.

Image result for pretty little liars addison and clairAs for the final scene with the new girls, I have to admit I kind of liked it. It added a sense to the fact that the show was about more than just the Liars, there was a whole world that they were apart of and even though they have moved forward the world will continue to exist. I have to admit though, the biggest part for me is when I realized that Addison was actually the ‘Alison Mini Me’ from the Christmas episode in season five. Her group and bullying Claire, it really added to the full circle effect that the new characters brought. It gave them, even more, purpose, which I think is really impressive for characters that were added in the very last episode of a series.

Maybe it was longer and well had more drama I might have liked it more. Everything about this show has always felt long but hyped and I don’t feel like the finale was a satisfying ending for such a show. I don’t know maybe another FlashForward rather than the next day type of thing. It just kind of felt like a downer after seven years, between several quick fixes and everyone getting their happily ever after. It just wasn’t as emotional as I was expecting, maybe a bit in a sentimental reason but story wise it really wasn’t there. Those are my feeling about the finale but all and all Pretty Little Liars really was a great show.





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