Within the time that I’ve been kind of rediscovering my likes and such I started to gain an interest in poetry. It’s kind of something I never expected or even consider in a sense of connecting with. I mean when I use to think poetry I thought more high school assignment or old time metaphors, I never considered that there would be so much more. It’s really been a great way for me to express myself, I mean I’ve always known that I liked to writing but now I am realizing that there is so much more to it. I just have really enjoyed finding the outlet that it gives me in not only expressing myself but working through what I am feeling.

It has been through writing and poetry especially that I have been able to truly work through my emotions this year. It’s because of these that I was able to get through such a rough emotional path, to work through my depression. Being able to write these things are what helped me open up more to the people in my life and learn to work past my trust issues. Being able to anonymouslyusly share my dark thoughts with the world helped me work them out enough to be able to open up truthfully with my friends and family. Honestly, finding this outlet was the best thing I ever had, in a way it even saved my existence.


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