Young Justice – This show is about our favorite teen sidekicks and protégés venturing on the journey into becoming their own kind of heroes. Establishing themselves as more than just sidekicks, but rather heroes in their own right. But still being kids they also have normal teen issues in their personal lives to deal with while fighting against evil.

To put it simply, this show is totally awesome. I love superheroes in general, it usually easily reels me in but this show it was the story and arcs that just kept me riveted. Beyond the usual superhero action, adventure scene, there is context and story filled with moments of suspense and surprises even a little bit of drama. I wanted more with every episode and was never disappointed in the delivery.  There is an amazing story and great depth for so many of us recognize but some of us may not really know.

The second I started to watch this show I was hooked and I highly recommend it. If you enjoy superhero media, or really anything in the ‘team slash save-the-world slash action-adventure’ genre then this is definitely a show worth watching. It’s fun and witty but most of all it’s a strong show with great writing that really can’t help but enjoy every moment of.


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