I’m thinking Scooby Doo, as in Meddling Kids. Anyone else with me. As a kid I saw this show as beyond amazing, in fact, I think it may have been my first step into an interest in mystery. It was fun trying to put together the clues and when I was a kid, sometimes even known, when I actually managed to guess right before the unmasking I couldn’t help but feel some pride. I really wanted to think of something more to say but if I’m being honest I can’t think of anything without well getting completely lost. That being said I guess all that’s really left is that for me Scooby Doo has to be one of my most memorable classics. I was always a fan of basically all the Hanna-Barbera cartoons but the Scooby Gang was one of my top favorites, right after The Flinstones and Yogi Bear. They are all just fun series to go back to and reminisce about your childhood while binge on some episodes; the person I usually do this with is my mom.

via Daily Prompt: Meddle


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