I thought I couldn’t think of anything deep to say about a bridge, I mean I have some good pictures, very aesthetically pleasing, but no good stories to go with them. Then I remember this when and went to the park to take the best picture I could. This was the first sight I was when I moved to Victoria. My mom and were just driving around looking at apartments and we decided it was time for a break, we followed some signs and arrived at Beacon Hill Park. I instantly thought it was breathtaking, I was surprised that it was just actually a park, there in the middle of the town. Now it’s just a place I love to go to just look at the water before I go for a walk through the park. In a photography sense, I just love taking pictures there, especially in the summer after all the flowers and blooming. Every corner is simply beautiful and filled with color. This bridge was the first thing I saw when I was about to start the next step in my life and now it is one of my favorite place in all of Victoria.

via Photo Challenge: Bridge


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