Now vs. Then

I’m at this point where I am being reflective on who I am and lately I have been thinking about who I was in high school versus who I am in and the things that I feel evolved. The biggest thing is that in an overall sense I feel more confident in who I am. What I mean when I say that is that I use have all these little facts about me that I was ashamed of and kept hidden but now it’s more like I don’t care as much about what the rest of the word thinks. I guess I am realizing now that I don’t want to be accepted by society anymore as much as I just want people to know who I really am and accept it as fact.

The overall feeling I have is that the person I was in high school was embarrassing because she never put herself out there, never shared her opinions and never really said or did anything. She wasn’t a push over or a punching bag but she wasn’t someone who tried to be involved; she preferred to stay apathetic to situations present before her. The only reason I don’t consider it completely irrelevant is because that high school girl was me and on some level she’s a reason that I can look in mirror and say I’m proud of who I am. 


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